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The tour in the iron capital of the island

This must-see tour departs from the small town of Rio Marina located on the east coast of the island. It was once considered the capital of iron due to the presence of its ferrous minerals that still today with their glitter and their color characterize the country, a feature that will accompany you throughout the journey of our tour.

The meeting point will be in the car park in Piazza Martiri della Resistenza. From here, your motor skills will be put to the test immediately, starting with a short climb that will take you to the town's amphitheater, a real open-air theater housed inside the mines. From this point you can enjoy a breathtaking view!

Taking the adjacent path will begin the real tour, where pedal after pedal you will have the opportunity to admire the first mining site, as well as the remains of old tools and machinery once used for the extraction and processing of minerals.

From here you will soon meet in an abandoned train where you can stop for many funny photos (Instragram lovers will enjoy it!). The next stop will be the little lake known as “Laghetto delle Conche”, one of the most fascinating places on the island born from an old mining yard: the intense red color of its water (due to the strong presence of the iron)  will enchant you.  

At the end of the stop you will get back on the road continuing the path towards the end, after another 3 km you will feel like you have landed on Mars for the landscape of the place, but keep calm…  you will simply have arrived at the Rio Albano mines, another very exploited mining area, where you can run into a herd of sheep, but don't worry ... they are harmless!

The conclusion of the itinerary will be a downhill  that will lead you back to our starting point where a well-deserved rest awaits you after a day of sport, and  above all.. fun!


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